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Saturday, 27 November 2010


Silkscreened Troy Tempest EPs. Photo credit: Seymour family archives.


Callum, Dan, Will and I are all growing moustaches for charity.
Donate here:
and we will give you a free silkscreened moustache themed zine... once we've finished it.

2 colour Linocut

also working on a "Lino Ritchie" print, keep your eyes peeled..

Man Cave

Started silkscreening in my shed last Easter and here are the results so far. Most of the issues I've had, exposure times, screen cleaning etc have been sorted out now... i hope.

tee's are for my band


 Some Vector illustrations i did over the summer, then bound them together.

Sound to Print

A typographic project turning recorded sounds into printed matter, which resulted in an infographic outcome... 


A few postcards from an image project last year.

1st year book project

A study on the countries/continents that have qualified to compete in the World Cup finals from 1986 - 2010.

Make do and amend

Final major project from Foundation. Posters, website and animations aimed at helping people combat the recession.